About Us


Haute House Design is a full service Boutique Design Studio located in Beautiful Penticton, British Columbia.
We specialize in residential and commercial interiors and offer a comprehensive design and decorating service resulting in comfortable, functional and thoughtful spaces.


Nadine Alleyn – Owner/ Director
Interior Designer

As the owner and creator of Haute House Design, Nadine is responsible for the direction and creative vision of the company, as well as the success of each and every project entrusted to HHDesign.

Nadine has been in both the Graphic Design and Interior Design Industry since 1985. Haute House Design was established in 2001. Since that time Haute House has become a successful design studio. It brings together, an extensive in-house materials library, beautifully curated collections and a powerful interior design collaborative to help you create your dreams.

Nadine’s experience with contractors, architects, designers and industry professionals allows her to navigate the nuances of the industry saving you time and money. Her innate ability in understanding the different design styles and how they integrate with your personal style and project help to create successful, tailored results.

Nadine strives to deliver personal, functional and artful spaces that you will love.

Catherine MacArthur BID, MEDes
Principal at Macarthur Design Inc.
Collaborative Partner/Lead Designer

Catherine graduated in 1988 with a bachelors degree in interior design from the Universty of Manitoba. Seeing interiors as only one part of a larger, multidisciplinary picture, Catherine also completed a masters degree in Environmental Design from the University of Calgary. Since then, she has worked with some of the most recognized firms in western Canada and has been involved in many projects across the country ranging from custom furniture pieces, museum installations, commercial and residential interiors and outdoor environments. She founded MacArthur Design Inc. in 2006.

Catherine’s goal is to create spaces of lasting quality and that are truly loved. She never adheres to fashion or trends. Her work is never driven by ego and strongly believes in collaborative solutions. To this end, she sees design as a fully inclusive process between client, contractors and consultants. The process starts with an exploration of how clients wish to experience their environment. Then, through the continuing process of drawing, modelling and conversation opportunities are explored and vision turns to reality.

Judith Cassidy – Interior Designer
Collaborative Partner/Textile/Upholstery/Window Treatment Specialist

Judith has over 35 years of working in the Upholstery and Custom furniture business. She has explored the varieties of fabrics and has gained insight into the infinite ways it can be used as an essential ingredient to bring character and beauty to your home. She seeks good design as an element by which it can empower lives.

To the collaboration with Haute House Design, Judith brings passion and an appreciation for each of the talents and skills that the team provides.

Judith believes the definition of beauty and comfort is different for every individual project and is a unique and personal process. Her goal is to help you define what pleases you and to create an environment that comforts you by reflecting who you are and how you live. Judith has always loved textiles and how they work within our interior spaces.

Judith has worked alongside her husband Dave in their Custom Upholstery business for 36 years, and truly sees and feels the world through fabric.

Philip Hawkes, MSc CEM
Sustainability Consultant

Phil is our import – born and raised in the Cotswolds region of the UK. He holds a Master’s degree in Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies from the University of East London and one of Europe’s leading eco-centres, and is a certified energy manager with the Association of Energy Engineers. Phil has experience in super-efficient housing projects including passive house design.