Area Rugs


In the Vancouver warehouse, we stock 6’6 x 8′ and 8′ x 10′ sizes of Salsa and Salsa Swing, in most colours.  Certain colours (such as colours 3, 33 and 38) are stocked in sizes up to 10′ x 13′.

Standard sizes are:  2′ x 4′   2’4 x 4’6   3′ x 6′   4’3 x 6’6   5’6 x 7’10   6’6 x 6’6   6’6 x 8′   8′ x 8′   8’x 10′   8′ x 11’6   10′ x 13′

Textures can also be ordered in custom-sizes.  Maximum widths are as follows:

  • Salsa Limone, Salsa Square, Salsa Flor and Salsa Loop:  10′ wide, no limit on length
  • Salsa, Salsa Swing, Salsa Stone , Salsa Trend and Salsa Weave: 19′ wide, no limit on length

The Salsa Jamaica texture is available only in round or oval shapes, up to a maximum diameter of 10′.  All other textures can only be produced in square or rectangular shapes.

Salsa, Salsa Limone, Salsa Swing, Salsa Trend, Salsa Weave and Salsa Jamaica are reversible textures, so carpets can be used on both sides for added versatility and longevity.


The Salsa Jamaica texture is also used in producing the Salsa Lounge Ottomans.  The ottomans are available in 3 sizes: S, L and XL.  The S and L sizes are generally stocked in our Vancouver warehouse.

As a custom option, up to 3 Salsa colours can be mixed to create a unique textural effect.